This weeks episode takes a look at the highlights from E3 2014. At the top of the episode, we take a look back at our foray into the FuckThisJam gamejam with our game ‘…fish’.  We take a look at the press conferences from the big three and we also highlight some of the standout games (Destiny, No Man’s Sky, Halo: Master Chief Edition, Below, ‘Splatoon, Nintendo’s debut of the Amiibos, and much more).  Of course, as always we start on topic and sorta let it go where it wants to go so there’s plenty of fun tidbits scattered around in this edition. Stick with it to the end when we discuss Ubisoft’s excuse regarding a female assassin protagonist in AC:Unity… it makes for good radio when Nate gets into his cups and plays a little ‘devils advocate’. Enjoy!

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Joe Erskine – @JoeyKansas0125
Joe Arroyo – @joeyarroyo

Nate Hitchcock