Alien: Isolation is out this week! We haven’t played it but we watched a bunch of people play it. Naturally, we talk about it (hint: it looks awesome). Also Bernard makes a triumphant return to the show and teaches us the intricacies of Kim Kardashian: Hollywood (yup, we went there). This starts a general undertone to the show that revolves around mobile games; the profits, the lay-offs and the market in general. To wash our palates of the former topic add a new segment to the show called “Beer Pairings”. Somehow we pair Elysian’s “Space Dust” IPA with Kim Kardashian: Hollywood and one of those things is pretty great (hint: it’s the beer). The lightning round dances around quick topics like the Rovio lay-offs, N64’s 18th birthday, Disney shuts down two Star Wars mobile titles, and more Kardashian crap with a dash of reality TV context. ┬áJebus help us…

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Joe Erskine – @JoeyKansas0125
Bernard Hwang – @Bernardss
Nikk Golesh