Cheat Codes comin’ atcha! In case you hadn’t heard, G4 officially takes its last gasp in the coming days, to be replaced by Esquire’s Style network. So we reminisce and remember it fondly.  We also showcase Joystiq’s profile on the 4 year train-wreck that was Glorkian Warriors, a true tale of development gone so wrong it’s almost unbelievable. To round out the main topics on this weeks show, we also talk about ‘This War of Mine’ and it’s novel approach to piracy, as well as it’s gripping moral drama.  We skip our game segment this week in search of more to talk about (because we love to hear ourselves talk) and round out the show with a more streamlined Lightning Round, where Joe E. brings the recent Code Avarice news to light, Bernard presents Steam’s Early Access changes, Joe A. dances around Sweden’s proposed sexism rating system and Nikk poses the question, “Is Google Glass the new Segway?”  It’s all there, waiting for you. Jump in!

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