This episode moves quickly and angrily. Or in a ‘Fast and Furious” manner, if you will. Try and keep up. Joe E. sits down with some of the core Cheat Codes crew and they investigate the shocking box office returns of Furious 7. Following that, they get nostalgic about Ben Kuchera’s Polygon piece about the ass picture that cost Microsoft $500,000. They move on to the divisive issue of Reddit’s April Fools joke, “The Button.” It gets heated. We cap it all off with discussions on the injured Candy Crush Saga player and the new GameStop retro console pilot program. Hilarious rants abound on this episode. Enjoy!

This weeks panel: Joe Erskine, Joe Arroyo, Nate Hitchcock & Nikk Golesh.

In this episode:
Furious 7 crushes the box office between massive money making biceps. Joe E. was wrong.

A Bungie employee cost Microsoft $500000 with a literal ass, once upon a time.

Are you a ‘Presser’ or a ‘Non-presser?”

Candy Crush Saga addiction leads to a torn tendon for one player. ARE GAMES DRUGS?!?!

Retro gaming is coming to GameStop. Hooray!

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