Forty-great! On this episode, Griffin Dean joins our discussion about the similarities between his game Ping and Deep End Games’ upcoming title Perception.  From there, we get design-centric and discuss Game/Show’s investigation into the illusion of power in gaming. Somehow we manage to bring Hatred back to the table and the curious decision by Twitch to ban Adults-Only game streams. To wrap it up, Joe admits his reluctant admiration for Vin Diesels DM’ing ability. Also, the new Star Wars BattlePods are super sweet and super expensive. We’re taking donations. Enjoy!

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This weeks panel: Joe ErskineChris Morris, Nate Hitchcock & Griffin Dean

Topics on this episode:
–  Griffin explains to us how former Irrational devs stole his game and are turning it into something called Perception. (We’re kidding.)

–  The illusion of power in gaming, it’s why we play. We’ll use PBS’ Game/Show episode as a jump off.

–  Twitch is banning streams of Adults-Only games. Also, Hatred comes out in a few days. These are obviously unrelated.

–  Vin Diesel continues his attempts to endear himself to Joe E. by DM’ing a quick encounter and all the while telling Joe how awesome he is.

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