It’s an E3 special episode! All the rumors, news and reveals that we could cram into an hour. Our pal Andi Baker, Production Intern at Monolith joins us this week to help us run the marathon of pre-E3 news. We go over the big stuff that will be cross platform and exclusive to Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo and PC.   We take a few extra minutes to comment on Oculus’ first public press conference and Andi reveals the real reason old arcade racing games like Hydro-Thunder were worth their weight in quarters.  To finish it off, we pay homage to the legendary Sir Christopher Lee. Pour a cold drink, grab a seat and strap in. Enjoy!

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This weeks panel: Joe Erskine, Joe Arroyo, Nikk Golesh & Andi Baker

Topics on this episode:
-E3. We grabbed all our talking points from a plethora of sources. If we linked to them all, it’d probably ruin everyone’s day. Most major game and tech news outlets have some version of their “most anticipated” lists available on their respective websites.  We recommend ShackNews and Gamespot as a good place to start if you’re so inclined.

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