No regular episode this week, but we checked in with the Cheat Codes staff and a bunch of former guests to see what games they’re currently digging into.

James Id: “I’m playing Dizzy: The Ultimate Cartoon and the Claire B story to Resident Evil 2. It’s odd to see parallels between the item management and puzzle solving between two games. To be frank, though, misestimating a jump and watching Dizzy sail over a platform into a turbulent waters is much more harrowing than Mr. X.”

Nathan HitchcockI’m trying my hand at a new “Super Smash Bros”-style fighting game called “Rivals of Aether“. Though it feels similar to the smash series, each character introduces their own mechanic to the game, making it much, much, harder. Coincidentally, I’m also playing through “Cry yourself to sleep at night because your friends keep beating you at Rivals of Aether”, the unannounced sequel.”

Douglas ZwickWell, I’ve never really spent much time at the cutting edge of games — I’m usually either hung up on old stuff I’ve played before but crave anyway, or slowly eroding my monstrous backlog. Recently, though, I’ve been really into Momodora: Reverie Under The Moonlight, an indie title developed by Bombservice and published by AGM Playism. This thing has me very happy, as only a good Metroidvania can. It really reminds me of Dark Souls, in that I’m repeatedly finding some huge new area that I wasn’t forced into, which I then cautiously explore for a while before suddenly running into a boss I wasn’t expecting who kicks my ass if I’m not super careful. The controls are perfect and the graphics are gorgeous. I’m probably going to have to play the rest of the games in this series now.

This comes on the heels of my having finished AM2R, which REALLY impressed me. It truly felt like the new 2-D Metroid game we’ve all wished we had for years now. Sadly, it’s not available for download anymore, so the only way to play it is to find some other lucky duck who managed to get it before it was taken down.”

Samir PatelI am going to be playing a ton of Destiny: Rise of Iron this weekend along with a bunch of my friends since I didn’t really have much time this week to play it. I am going to focus on getting my light level up but I am going to take my sweet time going through the campaign and all the side quests. I am going to try and run the new raid, Wrath of the Machine, if I manage to get my light level up enough. I have also been playing a lot of Absolute Drift: Zen Edition on my PS4 before going to bed because it is such a good chill out game.”

Cliff Bleszinski“I adored Overwatch for a while, but got a little burnt out on it and took a break to check out Paladins. At first it has that ‘clone’ look to it but after giving it a go it’s a pretty darned satisfying experience that looks like it can more than hold it’s own in the space of character based ‘ability’ shooters. I honestly enjoy the ‘shooting’ more so far in Paladins than in OW, as good as a package as OW is.”

Joe Erskine“I’m catching up on some Ori and The Blind Forest because everyone won’t shut up about how good looking it is (hint: they’re right). Also still picking away at No Man’s Sky because its basically become like a meditation exercise at this point. I’ve named so many aliens, planets and flora in a poop related way that I’m running out of shitty puns (hooo-ah!).”

Nikk Golesh“I’m playing World of Warcraft, mostly. Gearing up my Paladin in mythic dungeons and questing in Suramar. In between my wow episodes I’ll usually jump on Overwatch. ‘Ogon’ po gotovnosti!'”

Chris Morris“Getting down on a bunch of Warcraft: Legion, finally geared my Death Knight up for Mythic dungeons and I’m good to go for raids once they get released. Been sinking a ton of time into RimWorld, which I couldn’t possibly praise more highly. The game is an extremely robust simulation and strategy game, blending sci-fi, colony building, some light RTS-style combat. Mod support for it is awesome as well and there is tons of awesome stuff worth downloading to enhance the overall experience. Well worth checking out!”

Demond Rogers: I have been playing INSIDE and it has to be one the greatest finales in a game ever! I haven’t smiled so much in a long time.

Lauren Bleszinski: I’ve been playing World of Warcraft: Legion mostly because of nostalgia, but also because I’m hoping to get back into raiding with friends weekly. Socializing is healthy.

Overwatch has me hooked because it triggers some inner instincts to want to help, so I’m full Mercy! Plus, getting POTG as Mercy is a real ego boost. 😉

Pearce Bergh: I’ve been playing World of Warcraft: Legion! I missed the last three expansions, but now that I’ve graduated college I’ve been able to hop back in and try out Blizzard’s latest and greatest content. World of Warcraft is actually how I got my start with programming by writing addons for my guild so it feels crazy to come back to it now as a professional programmer.

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