Episode 165: Cheat Coins

We’re joined by security expert and maker extraordinaire Scotland Symons as we fight for the Users on this week’s episode! First, we discuss blockchains’ potential impact on the game industry, take a hard look at some recent pushes for and against unionization in the game industry. and marvel at an ancient Xbox Live promo from all the way back in the year of our lord 2002. In the Lightning Round, we try to make sense of a YouTuber sending garlic bread to the upper atmosphere (and then eating it, for some reason), then we brainstorm ways that Nvidia’s new photo-reconstructing AI tech could make life just a little more terrifying. Get in on the ’80s nostalgia and help us fight to escape THE GRID for an hour!

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The Panel: Alexandra Lucas, Joe ErskineNikk Golesh, and Scotland Symons

Music Credit: BoxCat Games

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