Episode 136: Ewok Shows

Things get a bit tricky this week as Termacious Trickocity‘s Aaron Sekela and Patrick Ryker strategically glitch their way into the studio to talk about Prokky’s epic 6-minute Prey speedrun, China’s internet addiction rehab centers, and whether or not video games are actually better than sex. Then we cruise into the Lightning Round to evaluate […]

Episode 135: Flappy Bottle

Board game designer and DigiPen instructor Jeremy Holcomb pops into the studio this week to fill us in on his active Kickstarter, “The White Box: A Game Design Workshop-in-a-Box.” We then venture into the tangled web of fraudulent internet service providers, pick apart the logistics of transforming the “bottle flipping game” into a board game, […]

Episode 134: Plug ‘N Play

Good news, everyone! Chris Morris is back as a core panelist this week, and he helps us kick around a Russian court’s attempt to imprison a blogger for playing Pokémon Go in church, the consequences of a Twitch streamer getting swatted at the airport, and the wild, wacky world of head transplants. In the Lightning […]

Episode 133: Fetal Bag

DigiPen’s own Sonia Michaels joins us this week to assess Brash Games’ sketchy disappearance and writer “compensation,” a rather pregnant article on whether or not games need stories, and Elon Musk’s latest brain augmentation venture. Then enter the Lightning Round, in which we share our dream IRL speed runs and specify the “erotic elements” we’d […]

Episode 132: Wun Gwo Pee

This week, Alexandra returns to the studio with the core panel to sort out whether or not Facebook actually needs a social VR component, the recent atrocity committed on Facebook Live, and Tencent’s answer to Steam, WeGame. For the Lightning Round, we wax poetical about our dream immersive experiences in Disney’s upcoming Star Wars land […]

Episode 131: GoGoSexPoopYes!

This week, Arroyo takes the helm while Alexandra is on vacation, and we welcome back Samir Patel (Producer at Bungie) and Kevin Katona (Research Scientist at Microsoft)! They help us sort out Minecraft’s upcoming micropayments, Train Jam, and a new Vegas eSports arena on the way. For the Lightning Round, we talk about the return […]

Episode 130: Toot Bait

This week, we promote Alexandra Lucas to new host! We say goodbye to Joe Erskine for now, but before we do we talk about Mastodon the Twitter-Killer, celebrity chat-bots, and the gaming equivalent of quitting while you’re ahead. For the Lightning Round we attempt a reasonable discourse regarding the use of bots to spoil Persona […]

Episode 129: Eat Fresh

Alexandra Lucas is back (now as a full-time panelist)! She helps us navigate the conversationally murky waters of American males leaving the workforce in favor of gaming, the ethics of murder in VR, and esports finally hitting mainstream legitimacy. For the Lightning Round we chime in on Ari Arad’s theory on how to make a […]

Episode 128: The Stand

We strap in for a conversation reaching from protecting our kids from bad web content, to D&D’s digital app future, to the CIA using board games to train their operatives. By the time we hit the Lightning Round we mull a bit over the Matrix potentially getting rebooted and Stephen Hawking’s plan to save us […]