Episode 127: Fire Arrows

We’re chatting about the weird amount of Microsoft news recently as well as the act of remembering how to play games simply for fun. We also make mention of the new non-profit initiative to preserve and record video game materials and their history. For the Lightning Round we discuss Marvel games bucking MCU canon and […]

Episode 126: Strong Yet

Our very own Bernard Hwang makes a rare appearance on the show this week to help us cover game industry unionization, job prospects in our robot future and a college course on bullshit! We saunter into the Lightning Round to discuss Bill Gates’ idea to tax robots and we come up with ideas to help […]

Episode 125: GrayHairea

The crew is waxing poetic on the end of Steam Greenlight, the hullabaloo around Pewdiepie, and the justification of Season Passes. We hit the Lightning Round in stride to applaud the pending return of Jay and Silent Bob and accepting our cyborg future. The beer is cold and the mics are hot! Enjoy! We’re on Patreon! Be […]

Episode 124: Who Is Splinter

We’re talkin’ ’bout the Overwatch input debate on consoles! We’re talkin’ ’bout Pokemon in Minecraft, and we’re talkin’ ’bout Castlevania on Netflix. For the Lightning Round we not-so-delicately handle the shvanzes in Conan: Exiles and weigh in on opening E3 to the public this year. Enjoy! We’re on Patreon! Be sure to check out the video and […]

Episode 123: Antidilation

Alexandra Lucas (MS Cortana Team content writer) is back in the studio with us to talk about easter eggs, the Oculus/Zenimax judgement and the implications of human hibernation. For the Lightning Round, we debate the South Park game bosses we wish we got and the Amazon Echo murder mystery game. Groundhog Day jokes for everyone! […]

Episode 119: NudeyMods

We’re talking Conan vs. FFXV this week! As well as FIFA hackers on trial and the Game Awards new approach to substance over style. For the Lightning Round we’re honoring the playground swing and the discrepancy on that new patch to Watch Dogs 2. Also, there’s beer. Enjoy! We’re on Patreon! Be sure to check out the […]

Episode 118: Acodpalypse

This week, we discuss Brie Code’s “Video Games are Boring” article, what games have taught us about actually surviving the end of the world, and the timeless art of a good game demo. For the Lightning Round there’s some jibber-jabbin’ about the limited return of the Nintendo Powerline and Tim Sweeney’s conservationism. This episode is […]

Episode 117: Mediocracy

We celebrate being mediocre gamers, discuss the pros and cons of the Vigilante app and check in on some of those PERMA-perma-death games we’ve talked about in the past. For the Lightning Round we discuss the Kojima/Westworld connection and the potential for Facebook’s ‘Gameroom’ to compete with Steam. Put it in your ear-holes! We’re on Patreon! Be […]

Episode 116: Silver Bullet

3D Character Artist, Marian Huber, is with us for our Halloween Extravaganza 2016. We talk Bethesda’s new review code policy as well as the SAG-AFTRA strike. To ring in the holiday Marian runs us through a tabletop encounter and we round out the Lightning Round with a retrospective on Uwe Boll’s movie career. Also, we […]

Episode 115: Get Me A Switch

It’s a Core Panel episode this week! We get comfy and go over the big Nintendo  Switch news, Rockstar’s unconventional marketing habits (and of course RDR2!) , as well as the lasting power of the legendary mouse and keyboard combo! For the Lightning Round we make mention of “The Simulation” board game and discuss the […]