Muffin Express Best in Show Awards: PAX Edition

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve thrown up a beer pairing on the site, so better late than never right?  Why not go big to make up for it. Summer is essentially over, and with it brings a new semester here at Digipen and of course the Fall line-up of impending new game releases. […]

MtG: Duels of the Planeswalkers 2014 + Lost Coast Double Trouble IPA

Many moons ago (circa 1996) while in the throes of junior high, I was frequenting a store in upstate New York that specialized in baseball cards (Bo Jackson was my dude!) and comic books (Jim Lee era X-Men, Batman, etc). The shop was slowly allowing table top games and their supplements into its crowded shelf […]

Walking Dead: 400 Days + Firestone Walker Pale 31

It’s the fourth of July holiday week and if you aren’t out at a barbecue scarfing some delicious animal flesh (you are? hit me up, I’ll be right over) then get inside and chow down on the latest “Play Responsibly” Beer Pairing.   This week, Telltale games released a new episode in their critically acclaimed […]

Metro: Last Light + Stone Imperial Russian Stout

It’s SUMMER-time!  In the greater Seattle area, this is always a wonderful prospect. The rain and dreariness we get nine months out of the year decides to dial it back a bit and 70ish degree days with minimal clouds give way to the best time of year. Granted, it’s early in the season (“June-uary”), so […]

The Last of Us + HUB Organic IPA

In an effort to recharge the batteries after an eventful week in LA for the E3 extravaganza, I returned home to unpack, unwind and do my best to digest everything I had seen at the convention. The first order of business was of course to call my Dad, and wish him a happy Father’s Day. […]

Rayman Legends + Franziskaner Hefe-Weisse

Alright so here we go… the first pairing. This one is inspired by the E3 trip. A few of us ( in hopes of doing some uninhibited networking) decided that hitting the “Yard House” near the LA convention center was a novel concept. This place was the second best reason to be in LA for […]