Episode 3: Twitch Plays Humanity

Holy Helix Fossil, Batman! This episode covers some old stuff, like Gilman Louie’s speech at DICE… and some new stuff like the mixed blessing of Irrational Studios closing down, and of course… TwitchPlaysPokemon. We go into politics, the definition of anarchy, and the religions being preached from within the epic social experiment of TPP itself. […]

Episode 2: Tough Questions

Its the third episode! The trifecta! A hat-trick, if you will ! In which, we talk about the ill-fated LucasArts. We attempt to start a discourse about attitudes towards video game violence, as well as cultural impact. Plus, some lighter fare just to keep us (and you, hopefully) sane. We’re coming off our team’s Alpha […]

Episode 0: The Customer Isn’t Always Right

It’s the debut episode of the podcast!  In which we discuss fan entitlement, the future of Nintendo and what video games teach us about juggling girlfriends (scandalous!).  Also, Nate declares his love for Sega and Joey A. fields some tough relationship questions.  This episode is hosted by Joe Erskine and features Joe Arroyo, Nikk Golesh, […]