Episode 157: Nose in a Box

Help us return the heart of Te Fiti in this Moana-themed core panel episode! This week, we discuss why TIME named the Nintendo Switch the 2017 Gadget of the Year, look at the parallels between an episode of Black Mirror and China’s new Social Credit System, and brainstorm how Niantic will approach the development of […]

Episode 156: Farm Hard

Grab a stake, a garlic braid, and some sunglasses – we’re huntin’ vamps in very sunny (and very fictional) Santa Carla! On this core panel episode, we pick apart the consequences of Steam barring adults-only game devs from linking to their XXX patches, marvel at Amazon’s bid to make a Lord of the Rings TV series […]

Episode 155: Trash Witch

Get in the N7 spirit as cybersecurity expert, master craftswoman, and trash witch extraordinaire Scotland Symons returns to the show! We raise an eyebrow at Activision’s patent for a matchmaking system that maximizes microtransactions, offer our thoughts on Venezuelan Runescape players farming gold to put food on the table, and discuss the likelihood of GameStop’s […]

Episode 154: American Han

Ricky Spanish works his mischievous magic on this week’s American Dad!-themed episode! Minecraft Gameplay Programmer and Game Designer Travis Gates joins us to evaluate the appeal of interactive movies, discuss the reasoning behind EA closing its Visceral Games studio, and discover the origins of the urban legend about Polybius, a mind-controlling arcade game allegedly created […]

Episode 153: McStabby

La la laaa la la! This week, Riot Games Influencer Relations Manager Becky Taylor helps us analyze the Star Wars Battlefront 2 loot box frenzy, call shenanigans on the NRG’s claim of “diversity” within its all-male Overwatch pro team, and discuss ways to prevent the accidental use of traumatic photos from real-life events in games. In […]

Episode 152: Find the Curve

Brave the Voight-Kampff test with us this week as V1 Interactive producer and core panelist Joe Erskine returns to the show! We celebrate the fun game dev transparency of #blocktober, offer a hard side-eye to Valve’s response to the latest batch of shovelware on Steam, and try to figure out why rapper B.o.B. would start […]

Episode 151: Where’s Wookie

The Quickening is upon us as iThrive Games associate producer Sean Weiland joins the show to debate the ownership of PUBG’s “battle royale” genre, tackle the problematic sexual aggression at World of Warcraft’s Goldshire Inn, and celebrate the tentative agreement that the voice actors in SAG-AFTRA have reached with game studios to end their strike. […]

Episode 150: Breakupbaguette

To Valhalla! Cybersecurity expert Scotland Symons joins us this week to discuss future perks and pitfalls of AR graffiti, to appreciate game industry experts getting fed up with toxic communities, and to welcome the fourth Powerpuff Girl. In the Lightning Round, things get shiny and chrome as we find alternative uses for Xbox controllers – […]

Episode 149: Lemmiwinks

It’s party time – excellent! on this week’s core panel episode, in which we shake our heads at PewDiePie’s latest scandal, pick apart the concept of “tricking” players via good game design, and debate the intended effects of South Park: Fractured But Whole’s skin color slider. In the Lightning Round, we try to get used […]

Episode 148: Light Gnawing

Game editor at Lone Shark Games Aviva Schecterson helps us try to make “fetch” happen this week as we pick apart the fallout of Nintendo’s decision to discontinue the Miiverse, Acid Wizard Studio’s fight against free game key resellers, and the death of the current VR cycle. A very spoopy Lightning Round takes us through […]