Episode 165: Cheat Coins

We’re joined by security expert and maker extraordinaire Scotland Symons as we fight for the Users on this week’s episode! First, we discuss blockchains’ potential impact on the game industry, take a hard look at some recent pushes for and against unionization in the game industry. and marvel at an ancient Xbox Live promo from […]

Episode 146: Squanch Salad

Time to tease your hair and dust off your favorite metallic leotard! We step into the ring with voice actor and writer Jacob Burgess this week to wrestle with determining why Justin Roiland is “the voice of the internet generation,” how game devs can combat the “bury your gays” trope, and what to make of […]

Episode 143: Too Many Bills

Ready yourself for the SHIVA BOWL SHUFFLE! On this week’s core panel episode, we tackle Disney’s Star Wars-themed Galaxy’s Edge resort, whether or not we should keep a loved one alive with AI, and a neuroscientist’s proposal to use video games as treatment for attention issues in the classroom. Cue the Lightning Round, in which […]

Episode 133: Fetal Bag

DigiPen’s own Sonia Michaels joins us this week to assess Brash Games’ sketchy disappearance and writer “compensation,” a rather pregnant article on whether or not games need stories, and Elon Musk’s latest brain augmentation venture. Then enter the Lightning Round, in which we share our dream IRL speed runs and specify the “erotic elements” we’d […]

Episode 128: The Stand

We strap in for a conversation reaching from protecting our kids from bad web content, to D&D’s digital app future, to the CIA using board games to train their operatives. By the time we hit the Lightning Round we mull a bit over the Matrix potentially getting rebooted and Stephen Hawking’s plan to save us […]

Episode 6: Pre GDC 2014

In this episode, we do a pre-GDC rundown of possible (and probable) reveals and we reminisce about previous expos. Did you know Shaquille O’Neal is making a successor to Shaq-Fu? You do now. How about Glenn Beck’s Tesla vs Edison movie? This topic hit’s a pretty close to home for us, especially after spending a […]