Episode 102: Cool n’ Spicy

Nina Freeman (Cibele, Tacoma) joins us this week to go over how Brexit affects game development across the pond, the backlash about coding boot camps and Valve being in a smidgen of legal trouble. For the Lightning Round the panel breaks down what it’s like when games leak and an apparent dwindling interest in Steam sales. […]

Episode 82: Rock Block

Our buddy Alex Baard (Due Process project lead) returns to join in the conversation about Impostor Syndrome, a mobile app thats supposed to help ADHD sufferers, and the Steam curators ‘The Cut-Content Police.’ We’re in fine form as we enter the Lightning Round, we ponder the video game movie releases coming this year and make […]

Episode 46: The Big LebWOWski

We’ve got a full house on this episode and Bernard Hwang joins us all the way from NYC! We congratulate both Chris and Bernard on their new intern positions at Boss Key Productions and Gameloft, respectively. We’re so proud. We get the conversation started with Polygon’s piece on Raph Koster and his use of MMO […]