Episode 138: Oh Whale

Swear by the Old Code and join us for high-flying adventure as Bloodborne Tomb Prospectors Fred Riley and Connor Therrien help us pick apart the mysterious Bloodborne 2 screenshot “leak” and its implications, the growing trend of viewing games as services rather than goods and how it has impacted the game industry, and the questionable […]

Episode 82: Rock Block

Our buddy Alex Baard (Due Process project lead) returns to join in the conversation about Impostor Syndrome, a mobile app thats supposed to help ADHD sufferers, and the Steam curators ‘The Cut-Content Police.’ We’re in fine form as we enter the Lightning Round, we ponder the video game movie releases coming this year and make […]

Episode 81: Tame A Horse

Davis Standley, Respawn Game Designer joins us from sunny California. We come to terms with our college days by investigating the Minecraft Education Edition, sharing our best rage quit stories and eye-balling the blurring line between movies and video games with Imaginarium Studio’s foray into game publishing. For the Lightning Round we discuss the necessity […]

Episode 78: Shampanya!

It’s the end of 2015! We get the core panel together, discuss #NewYearsResolutionsIn5Words, pour some champers and rattle off our favorite games of the year. We follow it up with an examination of the Valve DoS attack over Christmas and we try to deduce what the hell Project Tango is and what it means for […]

Episode 41: Dude Process

Alex Baard¬†(Due Process)¬†joins us this week to tackle a discussion about the importance and ever present problem of communication in multiplayer spaces.. He even brought his own beer. What a guy. We have his help to sound off a bit on the rumored Amazon/Crytek deal and Stick Shift, the game about sex with your gay […]

Episode 40: Fear The Walking Seth

Seth Weedin (SubRay, Dischord) joins us in the studio this week to review the litany of April Fools jokes out there this year. We feature some tasty local brews while examining SpaceBeagles’ Butt-Sniffin’ Pugs. From there we take a look the Guardian’s piece on Hidetaka Miyazaki and the new Schwarzenegger film “Maggie.”  Joe and Joe cap the […]

Episode 16: No Woman’s Sky

This weeks episode takes a look at the highlights from E3 2014. At the top of the episode, we take a look back at our foray into the FuckThisJam gamejam with our game ‘…fish’.  We take a look at the press conferences from the big three and we also highlight some of the standout games (Destiny, […]