Episode 157: Nose in a Box

Help us return the heart of Te Fiti in this Moana-themed core panel episode! This week, we discuss why TIME named the Nintendo Switch the 2017 Gadget of the Year, look at the parallels between an episode of Black Mirror and China’s new Social Credit System, and brainstorm how Niantic will approach the development of […]

Episode 136: Ewok Shows

Things get a bit tricky this week as Termacious Trickocity‘s Aaron Sekela and Patrick Ryker strategically glitch their way into the studio to talk about Prokky’s epic 6-minute Prey speedrun, China’s internet addiction rehab centers, and whether or not video games are actually better than sex. Then we cruise into the Lightning Round to evaluate […]

Episode 27: Assassin’s Greed

On this installment of the show we address the launch of Assassin’s Creed: Unity and UbiSoft earning some comparisons to EA, for better or worse (mostly worse).  We shine a little light on the Call of Duty Endowment helping veterans get and keep jobs as well.  Our buddy Pearce Bergh joins us to sort it all out. […]