Episode 117: Mediocracy

We celebrate being mediocre gamers, discuss the pros and cons of the Vigilante app and check in on some of those PERMA-perma-death games we’ve talked about in the past. For the Lightning Round we discuss the Kojima/Westworld connection and the potential for Facebook’s ‘Gameroom’ to compete with Steam. Put it in your ear-holes! We’re on Patreon! Be […]

Episode 96: Pit of Snakes

Alix Stolzer (Upsilon Circuit) joins us this week to help us sort out Ben Kuchera’s op-ed on “Invisible Gamers” as well as Disney’s exit from the console market as a publisher and developer. We round it out with a little social media conspiracy theorizing and jump headlong into the Lightning Round. From there it’s all […]

Episode 95: In The Attic

Vlad Micu (games consultant, indie guru for hire) joins us from the Netherlands this week to go over making losing and death meaningful in games, the Oculus retail dilemma and Google trying to stick robot lenses in our eyes. For the Lightning Round we have a go at whether or not more Hollywood talent should […]