Yeah.. we shoe-horned that pun didn’t we?  Destiny is out! We talk about it and attempt to give it the benefit of the doubt.  Joe talks a bit about the amazing local co-op of the console port for Diablo 3, and we turn a brief PAX recap into a conversation about the games we’re looking forward to most (Hint: Evolve, Civ: Beyond Earth, The Evil Within, some Indie MegaBooth stuff).  The lightning round on this episode is pretty prolific and ranges from Will Farrell’s hatred for cancer, net neutrality to the CEO of Oculus VR donating a ton of money to the University of Maryland. Also Nate manages to only mildly offend everybody, so maybe we should give him the benefit of the doubt too…

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Joe Erskine – @JoeyKansas0125
Nate Hitchcock

Nikk Golesh