We’ve got a full house on this episode and Bernard Hwang joins us all the way from NYC! We congratulate both Chris and Bernard on their new intern positions at Boss Key Productions and Gameloft, respectively. We’re so proud. We get the conversation started with Polygon’s piece on Raph Koster and his use of MMO design in bar/restaurant games. From there, we satiate Nikk and discuss EVE Online’s permanent installation at the MOMA. We also take the time to mention fanservice in Japanese games, WoW smashing bots with the banhammer and the ultimate texting/driving VR experience.

This weeks panel: Joe ErskineJoe Arroyo, Chris Morris, Nikk Golesh & Bernard Hwang

In this episode:
Raph Koster overhauls bar/restaurant games. Drinking and games? This one is close to our hearts…

Games = Art. The MOMA gives EVE Online a permanent installation.

Fanservice and Japanese video games. Get over it.

WoW bans the bots.

Don’t text and drive. Unless it’s in VR!

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