James Id joins us this week! We talk about his indie game trailer work and he gives us some hints about his work with Ed McMillen and their new game Fingered. From there it’s a debaucherous descent right in to the past week in news. We get in depth on the RAZER/OUYA happenings, China opening it’s doors to consoles and the Windows 10 launch, and why consoles might be a dying breed. We reintroduce the Lightning Round, and discuss what it would’ve been like if Michael Jackson had played Jar Jar Binks and somehow manage to tie-in the Hulk Hogans debacle. We cap it all off with a sigh of relief knowing that Guillermo Del Toro and Hideo Kojima are still gonna try and work together… somehow. Fair warning, this episode gets pretty filthy. Not for those with delicate sensibilities. Also, there’s beer.

This weeks panel: Joe Erskine, Nikk Golesh, Chris Morris & James Id

Topics on this episode:

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