Yes, we know it’s spelled wrong. Stick around for the end to find out why. We kick this beast off with a look at the new Kickstarter charter. From there, it’s a trip ‘down under’ to ask if devaluing Geography and History in favor of Computer Science is the right move for Australian education. We round off the main topics asking if the Battlefront launch will work out to be as good as it sounds. The Lightning Round strikes and it’s off the rails as usual. We all get a turn weighing in on Konami’s exit from the AAA space, Allison Road (the spiritual successor to PT) opening their crowd-funding campaign and finally Nikk loses his mind trying to get in on the Game of Thrones talk. We also wish Stephen King a happy birthday. It’s a doozy of an episode. Enjoy!

The Panel: Joe ErskineJoe Arroyo, Nikk Golesh, & Pearce Bergh

The Topics:

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