Episode 85: Golden Ticklet

It’s an intimate Core Panel episode this week! We take a look at the Steam Refunds and whether or not you should even ask for one if you bought, played and enjoyed a game. We also mull over Tim Cook’s response to the FBI’s court order to unlock iPhones and we watched some of CW’s “Chasing The Cup” in hopes of discovering the elusive gamer reality TV show. For the Lightning Round we debate Haemimont’s Steam Early Access thoughts/tips and Chris Roberts’ regrets about letting the Star Citizen faithful in on the RSI development schedule, or not. Schnozzberries for everyone!!!

We’re doing a Dad Beat Dads Giveaway. Make sure to hit up the Giveaways! portion of our website for all the details. Free stuff FTW!

The Panel: Joe ErskineJoe ArroyoNikk Golesh, & Chris Morris

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