Pearce Bergh joins us on the back of his new title as Disney Imagineer Intern!

We look into Warren Spector’s recent move to the indie space, and some of his thoughts on why AAA games aren’t progressing all that much. We then have a blast discussing one indie dev’s written rebuttal to users complaining about Brigador’s $20 price tag. Then we attempt to make sense of an article highlighting the challenges of displaying “play” in museums. It gets so artsy that we channel John Cage for a structured 10 seconds of radio silence; It’s awkward as all hell.

For the lightning round, we debate over whether it makes any sense to delay a game due to lack of pre-orders. And finally, we take turns sharing our thoughts on whether or not Nintendo should avoid Hollywood with its beloved IPs. The top is spinning on this one!

We’re doing another Gang Beasts Steam key giveaway because we can’t get enough of this game! Make sure to hit up the Giveaways portion of our website for all the details. Free stuff tastes that much better, ask anyone who is gluten free!

The Panel: Joe ArroyoNikk Golesh, Pearce BerghBernard Hwang

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