We at Cheat Codes Podcast come across new, crazy, and awesome content all the time in an effort to keep up with the latest video game news. We would love to share some of the great content with our listeners. Why keep it to ourselves?

That is why we are launching our Cheat Codes Giveaway program!

Each week, we will announce a game or piece of swag on the show that we will be giving away. We will then give one or more free game key(s) or item(s) directly to lucky listeners.

Entering is as simple as re-tweeting the latest episode. We even offer multiple ways to gain additional entries into each week’s giveaway including: Liking our soundcloud page, following us on twitter, subscribing to our Youtube channel, or just listening to the latest episode via Youtube. So really…the work is minimal, if any. Don’t be lazy.

Each episode, you can re-enter the contest through our website by following a couple simple prompts in our contest tool powered by Gleam. Simple enough. Now go forth and enjoy free games!


  • The sweepstakes will offer one or more Steam Keys to eligible entrants.
  • To enter the sweepstakes, entrants must use our Gleam embed to gain entries by following the prompts. The giveaway for each episode will be announced on said episode, and will also be posted in the show notes. Entrants may only receive the specific prize from the current contest if they are drawn as the winner.
  • From the time of the episode posting, entrants will have until Wednesday at midnight (12:00am, PST) of the following week to qualify.
  • Entrants may only use one account to enter. Creating extra accounts to increase chances of winning will disqualify the entrant.
  • Any suspected fraudulent activity will result in the entrant being disqualified from the sweepstakes and their usernames will be reported. It is at Cheat Codes Podcast’s discretion to determine what constitutes a disqualification of an entrant.
  • Additional entries will be given for tweeting the most recent episode, liking the episode on SoundCloud, following The Cheat Codes Podcast on SoundCloud, watching the latest episode on YouTube, and subscribing to Cheat Codes Podcast on Youtube. These entries only apply if claimed through the Gleam embed.
  • Winners will be notified via email upon completion of each competition. To claim their prize, winners must reply to the email sent from and provide a valid Steam account ID.
  • The Cheat Codes Podcast guarantees winners will receive their keys within 48 hours of verification of a winner’s Steam ID.
  • There is no purchase necessary to enter.
  • You must be 18 years of age to qualify.

If you have questions regarding these rules, contact us at


By entering this competition through Gleam, the entrant takes full responsibility for adhering to the rules and regulations of all third party services associated with this competition. This includes any terms and services set forth by Facebook, Twitter, Steam, or any other third party providers the entrant used to take part in the contest. Cheat Codes Entertainment LLC is not responsible for managing the eligibility of entrants in regards to the use of third party services. This includes but is not limited to: age or location restrictions, spamming, fishing, the use of unauthorized automation, language or content rating restrictions.

Because the keys are sometimes donated from the content creators, we cannot verify the keys usability.

Some games may contain questionable content, contestants are encouraged to familiarize themselves with content they are attempting to acquire. The Cheat Codes Podcast and its participants are not responsible for the content of the applications offered in the giveaway.

These rules, restrictions and regulations are subject to change.

          Published by Chris Morris

          Game Designer @ Boss Key Productions

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