James Farris (Microsoft SDE/ Turn 10 tools dev) joins us this week to explore the implications of the possible Playstation/Xbox cross-platform play, Lindsay Lohan’s lawsuit against Rockstar and a Seatlle-area based rehab clinic for internet addiction. Annabelle Bowie jumps in for the Lightning Round where we chime in about the awesomeness of the live action Hitman exercise and adding Crytek to our collection of free game engines. Also, we recorded this on St. Patrick’s Day… off the rails doesn’t even begin to describe it. Enjoy!

We’re offering up an Hacknet Steam key this week! Make sure to hit up the Giveaways portion of our website for all the details. Good luck!

The Panel: Joe ErskineJoe ArroyoNikk Golesh, & James Farris (with a special appearance from Annabelle Bowie)

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