Co-creator of the HALO universe (and father of Master Chief) Marcus Lehto is with us this week to shed a little light on V1 Interactive and what the future holds. He helps us sort out Stephen Hawking and Yuri Milner’s plan to build a laser-powered starship, Garry Newman’s response to Rust fans regarding their latest update, and the final days of the WoW Nostralius server. For the Lightning Round we all chime in on Cards Against Humanity’s STEM scholarship for women and hacking the Pentagon. Enjoy with a nice 15 yr. old Macallan! (We did).  Open the pod-bay doors HAL!

We’re offering up an Enter the Gungeon Steam key this week! Make sure to hit up the Giveaways portion of our website for all the details. Good luck!

The Panel: Joe ErskineJoe ArroyoNikk Golesh & Marcus Lehto

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