Episode 160: Titillating

Whip up your best Italian meringue and ready your favorite pud’ for this week’s GGBO-themed episode! First, we address some of the existential questions stirred up by two Microsoft experts’ prediction that everyone will have a digital double within the next 20 years. Next, we debate the legitimacy of rumors that Microsoft is planning to […]

Episode 154: American Han

Ricky Spanish works his mischievous magic on this week’s American Dad!-themed episode! Minecraft Gameplay Programmer and Game Designer Travis Gates joins us to evaluate the appeal of interactive movies, discuss the reasoning behind EA closing its Visceral Games studio, and discover the origins of the urban legend about Polybius, a mind-controlling arcade game allegedly created […]

Episode 139: Stand E3rected

This week on Cheat Codes Vice, we’re joined by Microsoft Cortana writer Trevor Clive to marvel at the first video game to be eligible for an Oscar and to discuss how exactly one defines “art.” In lieu of the Lightning Round, we use the extra time to share our favorite E3 offerings from Sony, Bethesda, […]

Episode 119: NudeyMods

We’re talking Conan vs. FFXV this week! As well as FIFA hackers on trial and the Game Awards new approach to substance over style. For the Lightning Round we’re honoring the playground swing and the discrepancy on that new patch to Watch Dogs 2. Also, there’s beer. Enjoy! We’re on Patreon! Be sure to check out the […]

Episode 88: Shark Week

It’s a core panel episode and there’s blood in the water! We crack a few cold ones and take a long look at Tim Sweeney’s op-ed about Microsoft’s bid for PC gaming monopolization, the mass exodus of big companies from E3, and why we like the games we like. For the Lightning Round we sound […]

Episode 65: Edwurd Skizzurzhunds

What a week! 3D Artist Nelson Reid joins us to make sense of the new Tony Hawk Pro-Skater 5 release, warts and all. We also celebrate the discovery of water on Mars and congratulate TBS for their big eSports plans and their new league. The Lightning Round is… as always… where the wheels come off […]

Episode 52: Geese!

DANGERZONE! This week our friend Pearce Bergh joins us again to chew on Nolan North’s loose lips, unified social networking for gamers, the amazing irony that is personified by Leland Yee, and we look forward to new Top Gun. We wrap it up with some light Valve banter and Pearce helps us understand “The International.” […]

Episode 50: Fifty Shades of Games

ITS EPISODE 50 U GAIZ! We celebrate with a packed house and what better way to kick out the jams than cram all the E3 news we can into a full hour of beer-soaked shenanigans. We take a moment to look back on some of the highlights from our previous episodes and cap it all […]

Episode 27: Assassin’s Greed

On this installment of the show we address the launch of Assassin’s Creed: Unity and UbiSoft earning some comparisons to EA, for better or worse (mostly worse).  We shine a little light on the Call of Duty Endowment helping veterans get and keep jobs as well.  Our buddy Pearce Bergh joins us to sort it all out. […]

Episode 24: Bottom Feeding

Former SOCOM Art Director Russ Phillips joins us this week to talk about the transition from AAA development to the indie mobile market with “Bottom Feeders.”  Russ also gives us a taste of “H-Hour,” the spiritual successor to the SOCOM franchise. We discuss Mike Maulbeck’s social media meltdown and the fallout for his former colleagues […]