Episode 47: Single Dragon

We’re almost outnumbered by our guests this week! Doug Zwick and Logan Fieth from the ‘Good Enough For Video Games’ podcast join the Joes in the studio. They examine the finer points of Kickstarter success and what it means to be a big or small ‘indie.’ Doug get’s pumped about the implications of the RETRO […]

Episode 22: When Drink Do Podcast

Two episodes in a week, you ask? It’s like Christmas! On this episode, we welcome Samir Patel to help us make sense of the week in video game news. For topics, we take a look at Microsoft’s Project Spark, the new indie title from some former Bioshock devs (The Black Glove) and we wildly speculate […]

Episode 10: Getting Emotional

What’s better than chatting with your friends about video games? Getting a pro to chat along with you. Scott Brodie joins us (via Skype) on this episode to show us why indie developers have an advantage in using emotional and personal experiences to elevate game mechanics. He gives us the lowdown on his revival of […]