Episode 50: Fifty Shades of Games

ITS EPISODE 50 U GAIZ! We celebrate with a packed house and what better way to kick out the jams than cram all the E3 news we can into a full hour of beer-soaked shenanigans. We take a moment to look back on some of the highlights from our previous episodes and cap it all […]

Episode 49: E3 Haptic Feedback

It’s an E3 special episode! All the rumors, news and reveals that we could cram into an hour. Our pal Andi Baker, Production Intern at Monolith joins us this week to help us run the marathon of pre-E3 news. We go over the big stuff that will be cross platform and exclusive to Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo […]

Episode 47: Single Dragon

We’re almost outnumbered by our guests this week! Doug Zwick and Logan Fieth from the ‘Good Enough For Video Games’ podcast join the Joes in the studio. They examine the finer points of Kickstarter success and what it means to be a big or small ‘indie.’ Doug get’s pumped about the implications of the RETRO […]

Episode 45: Lets All Go To NintendoLand

Let’s all go to NintendoLand! On this episode we welcome web-comic creator Carol Choto.  She brings the funny. We congratulate Nintendo on all their recent good news, from making a profit to partnering with Universal theme parks to make some cool rides.  We mull over some super-offensive game a guy got made but turn it into a conversation […]

Episode 38: Mixtape For My Bae

Big news from Nintendo this week and Joe E., Joe A., Nikk and Nate grab the mics to help each other understand it. We pour some pints from the Bushnell Brewery, sift through this weeks video game news and compare ’90s mixtapes to playlists.  It’s the same. But different. In this episode: – Nintendo announces it’s […]

Episode 32: Clash of Clams

Joe Erskine is out and  Joe Arroyo is in the host chair and welcomes Cheat Codes vets Nikk Golesh and Pearce Bergh.  They managed to get a girl on the show! Liz Pulanco joins the panel this week to offer a rare female perspective on a bevy of topics including Madden 15 accurately predicting the […]

Episode 16: No Woman’s Sky

This weeks episode takes a look at the highlights from E3 2014. At the top of the episode, we take a look back at our foray into the FuckThisJam gamejam with our game ‘…fish’.  We take a look at the press conferences from the big three and we also highlight some of the standout games (Destiny, […]