Episode 56: The Dorito Game

James Id joins us this week! We talk about his indie game trailer work and he gives us some hints about his work with Ed McMillen and their new game Fingered. From there it’s a debaucherous descent right in to the past week in news. We get in depth on the RAZER/OUYA happenings, China opening it’s […]

Episode 44: The Internet Always Wins

On this episode, the Cheat Codes crew re-hash Valve’s crazy week and the fallout from their foray into the realm of paid mods. We supplement this topic with more sad news regarding Konami and the cancellation of Silent Hills.  Joe E. calls out Colin Cowherd and his statements regarding ESPN2 broadcasting eSports and the boys […]

Episode 15: Loosey Goosey

This edition is loose, delightfully all over the place and supremely entertaining.  On this episode of Cheat Codes we talk about Valve’s VR headset, the (possible?) end of Computer and Video Games Magazine, and Apple’s new iOS dev language ‘Swift.’  The lightning round culminates in a robust shout-out to our friend, Trent Reed.  Go ahead, get […]