Alright so here we go… the first pairing. This one is inspired by the E3 trip. A few of us ( in hopes of doing some uninhibited networking) decided that hitting the “Yard House” near the LA convention center was a novel concept. This place was the second best reason to be in LA for E3. An amazing craft beer restaurant with a daunting amount of tap lines (also, affordable happy hour bites). We enjoyed a few Franziskaner Hefeweizen’s and headed to the great sensory-overload-fest and exercise in the nerd-abundance that is E3. After checking out a few booths, playing a few demos, and having passed out zero business cards, we entered the Nintendo area and came upon… wait for it…




Oh my good god this game is amazing. I had always heard universally good reviews about this series, yet had never managed to play any of the entries. The art style is gorgeous. The quality of game play and controls is something every platformer should strive for. The truly best piece of the puzzle was being able to play a level together, and based on our timed (sometimes poorly) actions, play Eye Of The Tiger based on our jumps and item collection. UN-BE-LEEV-UBLE. It was so much fun, it was the only game we played twice at E3.



The Game:

Rayman Legends

RAYMAN LEGENDS – Go for the art, stay for the game-play, and don’t forget to punch and/or rescue your pals.


The Beer:


FRANZISKANER HEFE-WEISSE – It’s banana bread + beer in a glass. Seriously, the best wheat beer ever. Go get some right now.


A game like Rayman Legends, with all of its bright, cartoon-y splendor goes swimmingly with a crisp, full and bright flavored beer like Franziskaner Hefe. The banana undertones and clean, wheat flavored body is something to behold. Enjoy both with friends. They go together like Ron Swanson and breakfast food.


See you next time and remember, play responsibly.


– J. Erskine, June 2013