Joe Erskine is out and  Joe Arroyo is in the host chair and welcomes Cheat Codes vets Nikk Golesh and Pearce Bergh.  They managed to get a girl on the show! Liz Pulanco joins the panel this week to offer a rare female perspective on a bevy of topics including Madden 15 accurately predicting the Super Bowl outcome, the deluge of mobile game ads and… left shark! The panel also mentions the 4th grader suspended  from his school for threatening a classmate with the One Ring, PewDiePie’s outrage over Nintendo’s revenue sharing plans and they round out the show with a funeral dirge for Joystiq.  Mix in a few cocktails and it’s a perfectly blended, expertly crafted episode of podcast-y goodness! Less filling, listens great!

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Nikk Golesh