Episode 79: Game Fax

Alexandra Lucas joins us in the studio to tell us about her new job as a game writer for Plarium games which will require a relocation to Ukraine! She helps us make sense of Hasbro’s reasoning for leaving Rey out of The Force Awakens Monopoly. We then discuss a gamer’s obsession with achievements and why it helps us make new discoveries in old games. We follow it up with a look at the CleverPet, a “Game Console” for dogs.

For the lightning round, we each chime in with our thoughts on Twitter’s impending character-limit increase. Finally, we debate on whether the Oculus price tag of $600 is acceptable or not. We also stumble on some amazing ideas that you may not steal, including a strategy guide troll website, and a “try not to puke” VR game, sold with a companion bucket to hold your projectile excitement. Enjoy!

The Panel: Joe Arroyo, Chris Morris, Pearce Bergh, & Alexandra Lucas

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