Episode 114: Pootatoes

We’ve got a game development focused episode this week. We discuss how player imagination is just important to the game as intentionally designed narrative and mechanics, the connections between Westworld and video games, and what game devs actually do at all of those crazy conferences. Get your fresh pootatoes and we’ll see you on Mars! We’re on Patreon! Be […]

Episode 113: Tingles

We’re joined this week by Nichole (aka SpringbokASMR) to talk about our favorite games and what makes them replayable (or not), whether it’s possible to quantify the traits that make a bad game, and Elon Musk’s somewhat reasonable plan to take us all to Mars. For the Lightning Round, we debate whether Firewatch would benefit from […]

9/23/2016: What We’re Playing

No regular episode this week, but we checked in with the Cheat Codes staff and a bunch of former guests to see what games they’re currently digging into. James Id: “I’m playing Dizzy: The Ultimate Cartoon and the Claire B story to Resident Evil 2. It’s odd to see parallels between the item management and puzzle […]

Share your Pokémon Go Stories!

Pokémon Go has been out for nearly three weeks now and so far we’ve seen all sorts of awesome stuff come out of it. We even talked about the game a ton in our previous episode. People are out in droves. Playing, socializing, making new friends, and all in the pursuit of Pokémon! If you played […]

Episode 58: PearceWatch

Our pal, Pearce Bergh, joins us this week fresh off his Bouncer gig at the DotA 2 International 5. The competition was crazy, the prize pool huge, and even Deadmau5 rolled in for a post-show performance. In other news, Nintendo employees are getting fired for participating in podcasts, which one of us is on the chopping […]

Episode 0: The Customer Isn’t Always Right

It’s the debut episode of the podcast!  In which we discuss fan entitlement, the future of Nintendo and what video games teach us about juggling girlfriends (scandalous!).  Also, Nate declares his love for Sega and Joey A. fields some tough relationship questions.  This episode is hosted by Joe Erskine and features Joe Arroyo, Nikk Golesh, […]