Episode 147: Wiener Sandwich

Xenomorphs take over the show this week as DigiPen prof Sonia Michaels helps us figure out the point of the Xbox One X: Project Scorpio Edition, assess Elon Musk and Co.’s letter to the UN requesting a ban of killer robots, and discuss why video game prices still aren’t standardized. In the Lightning Round, we […]

Episode 146: Squanch Salad

Time to tease your hair and dust off your favorite metallic leotard! We step into the ring with voice actor and writer Jacob Burgess this week to wrestle with determining why Justin Roiland is “the voice of the internet generation,” how game devs can combat the “bury your gays” trope, and what to make of […]

Episode 145: Tracer Legs

Kick your 1967 Chevy Impala into gear for this quirky monster-slaying episode! This week, Contigo Games co-founder Francesca Carletto-Leon joins us to reflect on Valve’s actions to welcome players to Dota 2, pick apart Neil deGrasse Tyson’s space exploration Kickstarter, and weigh the pros and cons of buying digital copies of video games. In the […]

Episode 144: Daddy Issues

If you were wondering whether or not our world has been shaped by extraterrestrial visitors and starchildren, look no further than this conspiracy theory-packed episode! This week, we’re joined by game industry PR specialist Alex Q. Ryan to dissect the last remaining 13th Doctor Who hubbub, the dark side of the Dream Daddy dating sim, […]

Episode 143: Too Many Bills

Ready yourself for the SHIVA BOWL SHUFFLE! On this week’s core panel episode, we tackle Disney’s Star Wars-themed Galaxy’s Edge resort, whether or not we should keep a loved one alive with AI, and a neuroscientist’s proposal to use video games as treatment for attention issues in the classroom. Cue the Lightning Round, in which […]

Episode 142: He Said Yes!

Microsoft software engineer and Turn 10 tools developer James Farris joins us this week to help us explore the anonymous gay sex cruising scene through the game The Tearoom, debate the ethics of buying up an excessive number of homes in Final Fantasy XIV, and challenge the hypothesis that young men are choosing to be […]

Episode 141: Milk Steak

We navigate this giant gutter in outer space with freelance game designer and The Lost Age RPG Kickstarter extraordinaire Keith Leiker this week. First, we shine a spotlight on the insightful games and ideas featured at the Game Devs of Color Expo, then we assess the chances of success for the long-awaited Pathfinder isometric RPG and […]

Episode 140: Fidget Spinner

Never give up, never surrender as Microsoft games test engineer Jason Ericson joins us this week to discuss the GTA V fan reaction to the removal of a beloved modding tool, reports about Konami’s blacklisting policies, and Hasbro’s shiny new game subscription box. Enter the Lightning Round, during which we weigh in on Atari’s new […]

Episode 139: Stand E3rected

This week on Cheat Codes Vice, we’re joined by Microsoft Cortana writer Trevor Clive to marvel at the first video game to be eligible for an Oscar and to discuss how exactly one defines “art.” In lieu of the Lightning Round, we use the extra time to share our favorite E3 offerings from Sony, Bethesda, […]

Episode 138: Oh Whale

Swear by the Old Code and join us for high-flying adventure as Bloodborne Tomb Prospectors Fred Riley and Connor Therrien help us pick apart the mysterious Bloodborne 2 screenshot “leak” and its implications, the growing trend of viewing games as services rather than goods and how it has impacted the game industry, and the questionable […]