Episode 147: Wiener Sandwich

Xenomorphs take over the show this week as DigiPen prof Sonia Michaels helps us figure out the point of the Xbox One X: Project Scorpio Edition, assess Elon Musk and Co.’s letter to the UN requesting a ban of killer robots, and discuss why video game prices still aren’t standardized. In the Lightning Round, we […]

Episode 143: Too Many Bills

Ready yourself for the SHIVA BOWL SHUFFLE! On this week’s core panel episode, we tackle Disney’s Star Wars-themed Galaxy’s Edge resort, whether or not we should keep a loved one alive with AI, and a neuroscientist’s proposal to use video games as treatment for attention issues in the classroom. Cue the Lightning Round, in which […]

Episode 136: Ewok Shows

Things get a bit tricky this week as Termacious Trickocity‘s Aaron Sekela and Patrick Ryker strategically glitch their way into the studio to talk about Prokky’s epic 6-minute Prey speedrun, China’s internet addiction rehab centers, and whether or not video games are actually better than sex. Then we cruise into the Lightning Round to evaluate […]

Episode 133: Fetal Bag

DigiPen’s own Sonia Michaels joins us this week to assess Brash Games’ sketchy disappearance and writer “compensation,” a rather pregnant article on whether or not games need stories, and Elon Musk’s latest brain augmentation venture. Then enter the Lightning Round, in which we share our dream IRL speed runs and specify the “erotic elements” we’d […]

Episode 129: Eat Fresh

Alexandra Lucas is back (now as a full-time panelist)! She helps us navigate the conversationally murky waters of American males leaving the workforce in favor of gaming, the ethics of murder in VR, and esports finally hitting mainstream legitimacy. For the Lightning Round we chime in on Ari Arad’s theory on how to make a […]

Episode 123: Antidilation

Alexandra Lucas (MS Cortana Team content writer) is back in the studio with us to talk about easter eggs, the Oculus/Zenimax judgement and the implications of human hibernation. For the Lightning Round, we debate the South Park game bosses we wish we got and the Amazon Echo murder mystery game. Groundhog Day jokes for everyone! […]

Episode 44: The Internet Always Wins

On this episode, the Cheat Codes crew re-hash Valve’s crazy week and the fallout from their foray into the realm of paid mods. We supplement this topic with more sad news regarding Konami and the cancellation of Silent Hills.  Joe E. calls out Colin Cowherd and his statements regarding ESPN2 broadcasting eSports and the boys […]

Episode 41: Dude Process

Alex Baard¬†(Due Process)¬†joins us this week to tackle a discussion about the importance and ever present problem of communication in multiplayer spaces.. He even brought his own beer. What a guy. We have his help to sound off a bit on the rumored Amazon/Crytek deal and Stick Shift, the game about sex with your gay […]

Episode 34: Molydeuxs And Don’ts

What starts as an innocent Dr. Seuss homage segues into a larger, unplanned allegory about context.  We make mention of the new iTunes “Pay Once & Play” feature, and subsequently turn our attention to Jon Ronson’s New York Times article that revisits the Justine Sacco/Twitter debacle (note: we come dangerously close to falling into the […]